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The Legs (acrylic on cardboard)The Bed (acrylic on canvas)Tulips for Mother (acrylic on canvas)Gateway 3 (acrylic on canvas)Gateway 1 (oil on canvas)Gateway 2 (acrylic on canvas)The Turn (acrylic/airbrush)The Music 3 (acrylic/airbrush)Love 3 (acrylic/airbrush)Aneta (acrylic/airbrush)The Music (acrylic/airbrush)Edyta (acrylic/airbrush)Gabriela 2 acrylic/airbrush)Love 2 (acrylic on canvas)Waterfall 2 (acrylic/airbrush)Waterfall 1 (acrylic/airbrush)Warsaw Uprising 1944 ( acrylic/airbrush)Floret ( acrylic/airbrush)Death BoatBetween Day and NightMama 18 years oldBioorganic 5Bioorganic 4Bioorganic 3Bioorganic 2Bioorganic 1Bioorganic FrogChrysler 300The Dog 2Devil Drummer 2Devil Drummer 1PharaohSphynxVMusic Inspired By Alchemy cover 1Music Inspired By Alchemy cover 2OlaGabaMamaPiotr GrudzinskiDave LombardoGabrielaDesign for Hard Rock Cafe WarsawThe DogThe HouseThe Flower 2WomanThe FlowerThe BookLove 1CatChrysler 300The WinnerThe DrummerThe Light...AngelDevil...vs...Jesus...vs...
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